Get Some Cheap Qi

Recently pick up a Nexus 5? Have a Nexus 4, or even a Nexus 7? Maybe a Samsung Galaxy S4 with the proper battery door. You get the idea, a phone that it Qi compatible. New to Qi? Simply put, Qi is wireless charging standard that some manufacturers are adapting into their devices. Samsung, LG, […]


Deal Alert:Wireless Charging Plate Nokia DT-900 $29 (2 for $52.20)

Wireless charging is a blessing for mobile phone owners, even though in actual you still have wires but you need not stick the charger into the charging port on your device, you just need to place device (of course your device has to be compliant with wireless charging) on the plate and it’s charging. […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Deal Alert:Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Cases from Poetic for $5 Shipped

Samsung recently announced the Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet and it is as now available at major retailers in the United States. The Wi-fi only tablet boasts of the below specs:- 1280 x 800 resolution HD display Samsung Exynos 1.6 GHz quad-core processor 2GB of RAM 16GB of internal memory micro-SD slot IR-blaster for controlling your […]