How To Spot A Knockoff

As an avid phone fanatic, I’m constantly checking Craigslist and Cell Trader Online for my next device. Earlier this week, I spotted a used, unlocked Galaxy Note 4 on Craigslist for the fair price of $450. After negotiating a well-lit, public location to check it out at, the seller and I met up. At first […]


Deal Alert – Moto X for $299

Motorola is running another sale on the Moto X, pricing it at $299, $324, and $374 for the 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB variants. This latest sale is while supplies last and runs through July 31st. Motorola has thrown quite a few sales for the Moto X recently, which leads to speculation that an updated version of the […]

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Pebble Locker

Pebble Locker Updated for Android Wear

Pebble Locker is a simple app, you use it to bypass your lock screen when connected to a trusted bluetooth device or Wi-Fi network. And it has now been updated to include Android Wear devices as “trusted devices.” It should go without saying, but you should be using some form of lock screen security on […]

AllCast Logo

AllCast Now Available on Amazon App Store

Koushik Dutta has released AllCast on the Amazon App Store. It is free with an in app purchase of $4.99 to remove time limits for casting. AllCast allows you to stream content from your Android device to more than just a ChromeCast. You can stream to your Xbox, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and […]

one plus phone

OnePlus Customer Service Complaints/Concerns

So, you’ve been hearing about the yellow screen tint on the OnePlus One eh? If you happen to have one of these phones, haven’t heard about it, or are not affected by this, you should listen up. Some customers have been reporting that their devices having a yellowish tint to the bottom of their screens. […]

The Walking Dead

Deal Alert – The Walking Dead: Compendium 1 & 2

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead television series and have not picked up the comic yet, here is your chance. The Walking Dead: Compendium Volume 1 and Volume 2 are currently on sale on Google play for $7.99 and $3.99. The Walking Dead: Compendium 1 covers issues 1-48, and The Walking Dead: Compendium 2 […]

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