Deal Alert! Nokia DT-900 Wireless Charger – $12 with Free Shipping

AT&T is having a smoking deal on this wireless charger. I own the red one, and it has worked fantastically for me. Five simple steps stand in the way of you getting this charger! Follow them below: Click here Click on ‘Shop for Accessories‘ button From the drop down menu, select ‘Nokia‘ and click on […]

Nexus 5 wireless charging does work with a case applied

Last week we posted our review on the Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case for the Nexus 5 and a lot of the questions concerning the case being applied on the Nexus 5 was, will wireless charging still work with the case on? I’m here to tell you Yes! Wireless charging the Nexus 5 with the Nokia […]

Nokia Launches DT-601 and DC-19 Chargers

Nokia just launched 2 new chargers, the Nokia DT-601 a wireless charger and the Nokia DC-19 a portable charger with a 3,200 mAh battery. What’s great about both these chargers is the color options you have. The Nokia Dt-601 pictured above is Qi compliant and roughly the size of a puck. It comes with a […]

Nokia UK Takes a Dig at Apple

Ever since Nokia has been bought by Microsoft they have been taking digs at other manufacturers, just last week they took a dig at Samsung and Android and now they take a dig at Apple.   Thanks, #Apple 😉 — Nokia UK (@nokia_uk) September 10, 2013   Whatever you are trying to do Nokia, […]

Nokia Takes a Dig at Samsung & Android

We are not sure what Nokia is up to, but they did tweet the above image. The content of the tweet was:-   Have a break… #Kitkat #Nokia — Nokia Deutschland (@NokiaHomebase) September 4, 2013   For someone who is on a sinking ship not sure if this is a smart move from Nokia. […]

Nokia FATBOY and DT-900 charge the New Nexus just fine

  Does the Nokia FATBOY and the Nokia DT-900 charge the New Nexus 7?  The answer is yes!  Kevin from Android Fan Network and myself were lucky enough to get the 2013 Nexus 7 this morning.  With all of the talk of wireless charging for the New Nexus 7, obviously we wanted to find out […]


Deal Alert:Wireless Charging Plate Nokia DT-900 $24; 4 Colors Available

Wireless charging is a blessing for mobile phone owners, even though in actual you still have wires but you need not stick the charger into the charging port on your device, you just need to place device (of course your device has to be compliant with wireless charging) on the plate and it’s charging. […]