Google Now on iOS

I’m not sure how I feel about this, but it’s news. For iPhone and iPad owners the Google Search app has been updated to bring the Google Now cards we have all come to love on our Jelly Bean devices. Good news is it’s still better on Android. We get all those nifty cards with a swipe of a finger. iOS users have to take a few extra steps to get the same information. iOS is known for it’s creative animations on it’s apps and their Google Now app is no exception. For me? Give me a better user experience rather than the animations. That’s just me!

iOS, you may have gotten Google Now but ours is better!

David Quillinan

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Dave is the owner and founder of Android Fan Network, has a special place in his heart for Google Play Edition devices, and stock Android. When he's not writing for AFN, you can find him at lurking the forums.

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