Chromecast Root Released

Day before yesterday we had reported that Google Chromecast root exploit had been found and release was imminent, well root for Chromecast was released early morning today. All you need is a minimum 128mb flash drive and a Powered Mini USB OTG Cable which can be bough cheap of ebay. The exploit writes a new […]

ESPN Fantasy Football App Review

Every true football fan knows that Football season is around the corner and its now time to get ready and get all your fantasy teams and leagues created before the start of the season.  So for all you die-hard football fans, like me, who not only love to watch you favorite sports team on television […]

htc one google edition

Howto Convert HTC One to Google Edition

Disclaimer This is not for the faint hearted and we are not responsible if you turn your device into a $500 paper weight. The bootloader and recovery from Google Edition HTC One were dumped a few days ago, well now we have the steps to convert HTC One to Google edition, all credits and thanks […]

Samsung Galaxy S4: Need to Know

What I have noticed from most Android phones is that they require an App in order to be able to take a screenshot of the screen on your phone.  That’s not the case with the Samsung Galaxy S4, it’s very simple as you can capture a screenshot easily without any Apps. That’s right… no apps […]

Free SIM Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4

The peeps over at xda developers never cease to amaze me, wake up in the morning and just scroll through the forums and you’ll always find something new. A method for free SIM Unlock for Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available. The method has been reported working on AT&T, T-Mobile and Canadian GSM versions of […]

root t-mobile gs4

Root T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 OTA M919UVUAMDL

  T-Mobile has been rolling out an OTA (M919UVUAMDL) for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 and MotoChopper is reported to be no longer working to get root access. Well if you are one of those who updated to the OTA being rolled out today and want to root your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4, you need […]


Bootloader Jailbreak Now Available for Verizon Note 10.1

The last few days have been full of news of bootloader unlocks, well today would be no different, the bootloader on the Verizon Note 10.1 has been jailbroken, and you wonder what do we mean by jailbreaking an Android device (more details on that further down the article). Verizon is known for locking bootloaders on […]