Google Launches Chrome Apps for Android and iOS

Chrome apps are now available for Android and iOS. Yesterday, Google launched a developer preview of a tool chain using open-source Apache Cordova platform for building native mobile applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Using this tool-set, programmers can wrap their already existing Chrome Apps in a native shell and submit them to Google Play […]

The “iOS is Faster and Smoother Than Android” Debate is Over!

Okay, before I start this article, it’s obvious that I am an Android loyalist. Android has been and continues to be my favorite OS. With that being said, I’m going in to this with a completely open mind to be as fair and honest as I possibly can. With that out of the way, let’s […]

BBM still coming to Android by the end of this summer.

BBM coming to Android by the end of this summer. For those of you that are excited or could care less, we will be getting BBM by the end of this summer.  Blackberry CEO Thorston Heinz said this morning that Blackberry messenger will be available for Android and iOS before the end of the Summer. […]

Vine app for Android coming “soon”

  Popular iOS app Vine coming to Android soon. The other day I bought an iPhone 4s just for giggles and to see what was doing with Apple and their phones today.  After it was done syncing, installing all of my apps and having this iPhone 4s setup identical to the iPhone 4s I had […]