Play Ball with AFN!

It’s that ime of year again folks. The snow is melting, the grass is getting greener, flowers are starting to bud and Mariano Rivera is getting ready to climb the mound and smoke 90-95 mph cutters that break bats and scare the hell out of batters. What do I do with my phones and tablets […]

SOPA app for android. Fight SOPA with the boycott SOPA app

As alot of you know today is “Blackout SOPA” day, where a lot of websites are letting the government and world what sites could look like if SOPA and PIPA pass.  I don’t ever ask people to download an app but I am asking now.  Please download this app and let the companies that support […]

MIUI on your phone with out flashing a thing (well kind off)

Theme your phone with MIUI with out rooting, flashing or any of that scary stuff with 2 simple apps. We recieved an email from someone yesterday asking if there was any way to get MIUI on their phone with out rooting or flashing anything.  The answer is NO but…..  you can get it to look […]

Free Androiod Apps from Getjar

Over 100 Paid Apps For Free On GetJar These are free apps and are not considered warez or stealing Android apps in any way.  Getjar has been around for a long time and these guys do everything legaly. December 22, 2011   By: HTC Android Chef GetJar, an independent application store for Android, is offering 100 paid […]