Android Fan Network’s Weekly App Picks – March 16

Here are Android Fan Network’s Weekly App Picks from the AFN staff for the week of March 16. These may be apps we can’t live without or apps we just discovered. Either way, we think they are worth sharing with you. If there is an app that you think we may enjoy, send us a tip so we can take a look.

QuizUp – Praneeth

QuizUp is the world’s largest real-time online trivia game. It was made available for Android users on March 6th. It comes with a clean and simple user interface where you can compete with other players by choosing topic of your choice. You can link your Facebook and Google Plus profiles and can play with or challenge any of your friends. You can test your knowledge on your favorite topics and even improve your skills.

There are about 428 topics available divided into different categories (14) that are further divided in to sub categories along with new and popular ones. Once you choose the topic, QuizUp will match a player based on your expertise on that particular topic and starts a game. Each game consists of 7 questions and the one who answers them correct and quickly wins the game. Each question except the last one gives 20 points if answered correctly and instantly whereas the last one can get you 40 points. Winning each game increases the experience unlocking achievements after certain levels. Losing the game and answering the questions wrongly or not answering them at all does not have any penalty. You can boost your experience for an hour through double, triple and quadruple XP boosters for $2.50, $5.00, and $7.50.

The wide range of topics and questions, integration with social media like Facebook and Google Plus, and Google Play Games makes QuizUp special and you should try it yourself if you are a fan of trivia games.

Get it on Google Play

Smash Hit – Sean

Smash Hit comes to us from developer Mediocre. It can seem like another endless runner game, but this one has a nice twist to it.


As you run, you have a limited supply of balls used to break glass objects like pyramids or pillars in your path to achieve the best distance. Controls are tapping the screen to launch the balls to break the objects. Be careful with what you aim at, because launching at pillars may break the object, but it decreases your ball supply. In order to refill your supply, you must break the pyramids that are scattered throughout the level. Some are ready to hit, others are in obscured views and angles adding to the difficulty.

The game is free or you can opt for the premium version at $1.99 that allows access to statistics and cloud saves. With its real life glass-breaking mechanics, Smash Hit has become one of my favorite games to kill time with.

Get it on Google Play

Image Credits: Android Fan Network

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