Spigen Slim Armor case for the Nexus 5 review and giveaway

I’m going to keep this written review short because the video covers everything there is to cover in the 10 minute review (sorry CFB…  Went a little too long there) of the Spigen Slim Armor case (smooth black) for the Nexus 5.

In a nut shell the Spigen Slim Armor case for the Nexus 5 is for those of you looking for a case that is going to offer maximum protection against drops, bangs, dings and offer a peace of mind your Nexus 5 is safe. It’s a dual layer case with the inner shell being a thick black TPU material on the top, bottom and corners. The outside poly carbonate shell is also black and there to make it look pretty and also offer that second layer of protection for big drops and falls. It’s a tight fit on the Nexus 5 so there are now worries of it wiggling around and possibly falling out of the case. If you have a desk job or something along those lines the Spigen Slim Armor case may be a little over kill and maybe the Spigen Ultra Hybrid case for the Nexus 5 is more along your lines. Now if you have a physical labor job like working in a kitchen, outdoors, with heavy machinery and jobs that may be rough on your phone the Spigen Slim Armor case is the way to go. It’s not going to break the bank should you buy this case at $15-$20 either.

That’s enough of me yapping about the case. Hop to the top of this article and watch the full review.

By the way folks, were giving this case away  and will be picking a winner  November 29th. It’s so easy to be eligible for us to pick a winner. Simply share this video to your favorite social media site (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc), let us know in the Youtube comments you shared the video and you’re entered in the contest. Two steps – share and tell us in the Youtube comments. Pretty simple!

What are you waiting for?  Scroll up to the top of this page and see what ya think of the Spigen Slim Armor (black smooth) case for the Nexus 5.


Amazon link for the Spigen Slim Armor Case for the Nexus 5

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