Verizon customers have a tough decision these coming weeks


It’s not often us Verizon guys get to say “look what we got”. But, look at what we got!

We die hard Android heads on Big Red have some decisions to make over the next few days and months. Do we go with the 6 month old HTC One? Do we go the 2013 Droid route? Or do we get a white or black Moto X?

Let’s start with the HTC One. This phone has been released by other carriers for quite a while now, and it’s no longer news or the new phone on the block. It also appears the Verizon HTC One is having some development issues due to the age and the freaking pad lock Verizon put on it. With that said, it’s still an extremely sexy phone, maybe the sexiest for that screen size, and will make anyone happy for a long time (unless you’re trying achieve root).

The Droid family is also a great lineup for Verizon. Except us Android Geeks know all so well the woes that come with those boot loaders. The Droid Maxx seems to be the most logical decision out of the 3 with that battery, casing and screen size, all for only $100 more, which isn’t much in the grand scheme of things in a 24 month contract. Either way, the Droid lineup this year is pure win if you should go that route.

Now for the phone I’m most excited about, The Moto X. In my opinion this is the phone to get this Fall of 2013 and beyond. It’s the most talked about phone right now, which usually means it will hold its value longer than the above two choices, it’s so dam near stock Android, it “will” have Moto Maker and just so many other reasons to go out and grab this phone. Yeah, we have to worry about how hackable this device may be, we won’t see any Moto Maker until October – November and it’s not a spec monster. But, even in black and white and the specs it has, it’s still going to be a hell of a daily driver and tons of fun.

So what have we learned from all this?  Nothing!  Get what you feel is the best bang for your buck or whichever phone suites your needs as a daily grinder. All three have their downfalls and strengths.

My advice…  Wait a couple months and get a customized Moto X when that feature is available. Out of the three choices I’ve mentioned above, the Moto X is the biggest draw, will also hold it’s value longer than the others and  just all around a beauty.

PS. We have the LG G2 and other great devices coming as well.


David Quillinan

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Dave is the owner and founder of Android Fan Network, has a special place in his heart for Google Play Edition devices, and stock Android. When he's not writing for AFN, you can find him at lurking the forums.

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