Vine app for Android coming “soon”



Popular iOS app Vine coming to Android soon.

The other day I bought an iPhone 4s just for giggles and to see what was doing with Apple and their phones today.  After it was done syncing, installing all of my apps and having this iPhone 4s setup identical to the iPhone 4s I had a year ago (down to the wallpaper and last years text messages).  A very nifty feature I hope comes with “Key Lime Pie” to Android.  It would be nice if every time I switched Android devices, despite the manufacturer or carrier, when I log in to my new Android device it downloads, syncs and sets my phone up exactly the way it was on my older device.  I know Android has a backup syncing thing, but it’s not the same.

Anywhoo – The developers of the popular iOS app Vine are saying it’s coming to Android “soon”.  I think we all know or don’t know what “soon” means.  I remember waiting for Netflix on my Original Evo 4g and Instagram shortly after and both companies always said the app was coming to Android “soon”.  Ten years later we have Netflix and Instagram on our Android devices (ok…  maybe it wasn’t ten years but it sure as hell felt like it).

Take “soon” for what it is, a word.  What does “soon” mean to me?  It means it’s coming to Android for sure.  When?  Who knows, but we’re getting it.


Source: The Verge

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