Christmas week Deals – Icon Packs for Apex, Nova, Go and Other Launchers

Merry Christmas, Folks. Hope you all are enjoying this holiday season. Do not forget to grab these good deals on Icon packs/themes for Apex,Nova and other launchers. Phlash Tha, maker of Tha Icon for Android is giving away his Tha Gift icon pack worth $4 for free. Head to Tha-icon website, add the icon pack to cart and […]

10 best icon packs for Apex/Nova/Go and other launchers – version 4

Liked my previous versions of best icon packs for Apex/Nova/Go and other launchers? This is the continuation to that series of posts. Here are the links to earlier posts on best icon packs here if you haven’t checked them yet. Version 1 of  “10 best icon packs for Apex/Nova/Go and other launchers”  Version 2 of […]

MIUI on your phone with out flashing a thing (well kind off)

Theme your phone with MIUI with out rooting, flashing or any of that scary stuff with 2 simple apps. We recieved an email from someone yesterday asking if there was any way to get MIUI on their phone with out rooting or flashing anything.  The answer is NO but…..  you can get it to look […]