BBM for Android Singup page goes Live

Good news if you are waiting for Blackberry messenger to come on Android Operating System. BBM for Android and iPhone signup page went live. Though there is no information of exact date on which BBM for Android will be made available, you can now register at blackberry website ( source link below ) and be […]

Designed by you. Assembled in the USA. Pic of a handsome fella building some Moto X’s

Maybe the most famous gentleman amongst us Android heads. Yup!  He’s doing just what you think he’s doing. He’s down in Texas building some bad ass phones for us Android geeks.  Now I’m not sure what’s doing all around him there, but it sure looks important. In my opinion, Google’s hitting this one out of […]

BBM still coming to Android by the end of this summer.

BBM coming to Android by the end of this summer. For those of you that are excited or could care less, we will be getting BBM by the end of this summer.  Blackberry CEO Thorston Heinz said this morning that Blackberry messenger will be available for Android and iOS before the end of the Summer. […]