Tablet Optimized Twitter Apk Download

Twitter has been criticized a lot for not having a tablet optimized version of it’s official Twiter app for Android. Looks like things are about to change. At the recently concluded IFA Samsung had the tablet optimized version of Twitter for Android installed on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014. The peeps over at […]

Falcon Pro Updates to v2.0.4 with a work around method that works well!

  Joaquim Verge, the developer of Falcon Pro, Trumps the Twitter token count and API key with his work around that works well! For those of you Falcon Pro fans out there that have been following the third party Twitter app drama, the developer of Falcon Pro has created a work around that allows users […]

Follow Android Fan Network on your favorite social media sites

Follow Android Fan Network on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Youtube Welcome to Android Fan Network folks!  We’re a fairly new Android news site but we’re here to stay and we’re here to make BIG waves.  We’ve recently fired up on our favorite social media sites and welcome all of you to follow us to get […]

Twitter retiring TweetDeck for Android, iPhone & TweetDeck Air

After not increasing the token limit for Falcon Pro, Twitter today announced (via the acquired TweetDeck) that TweetDeck for Android, iPhone & TweetDeck Air would be retired in early May 2013. They would instead be focusing on web based versions of TweetDeck, which to me is a strange approach considering the fact that more and […]