HTC RUU and Update Version Numbers Explained

Have you ever thought what the number of software update for your HTC device mean? Here is a simple explanation given posted by @mike1986, well-known for his Android Revolution HD series of ROMs for HTC devices. HTC uses different build numbers, even for the same device, based on country and model. Settings like time-zone, network […]

AT&T HTC One Getting Android 4.3 OTA 3.17.502.3

AT&T HTC One is being updated to Android 4.3 with an OTA update, the new build number is 3.17.502.3. It’s a hefty 565.7 MB file which needs to be downloaded. In case you haven’t received the Android 4.3 OTA check using AT&T software update. You can also download the RUU for 3.17.502.3 from here and […]

Android 4.3 With Sense 5 Leaks for AT&T HTC One

Android 4.3 for the AT&T HTC One has been leaked, and yes it’s still Sense 5. The full RUU is available for download but please note running the full RUU will update the hboot version to 1.55.0000 and will prevent s-off via moonshine or revone. In case you want s-off use the clockworkmod flashable zip […]

S-Off & Downgrade T-Mobile HTC One RUU 1.27.531.11

In case you are one of those who upgraded your T-Mobile HTC One to RUU 1.27.531.11 and lost the ability to S-off your HTC One, you need not worry. Rootzwiki developer xboarder56 has posted a working method wherein you can downgrade yor T-Mobile HTC One to RUU 1.27.531.8 from 1.27.531.11 and then get S-Off. The […]