Next Gen Kindle Fire HD Leaked

The peeps over at BGR have got there hands on pics of the next generation Kindle Fire HD. The pictures are of the 7 inch second generation Kindle Fire HD (more pics here). Below are the rumored specs of the Kindle Fire HD 2013 :- 1,920 x 1,200-pixel display a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset […]

New Kindle Fire HD tablets trumping the Nexus 7 with a faster processor?

  The new Kindle HD tablets may use a much faster processor than the Nexus 7 Google just released it powerhouse tablet running Android version 4.3, a sleek new look, a mind blowing screen, tons of power under the hood and probably the most popular feature is the price tag, weighing in at $230 for […]

Android 4.3 Ported to First Generation Kindle Fire

Android 4.3 ports are starting to come in, slowly but surely. An Android 4.3 rom, built from source is now available for the first generation KindleFire. Below are the basic requirements for you to try Android 4.3 on your first generation Kindle Fire:- Should be running FireFireFire Bootloader 1.4a Should have a custom recovery like […]