RumRunner : S-off for HTC One on 1.54 hboot Released

A few days ago we reported that HTC One on hboot 1.54 had been s-off’ed. Well the s-off has now been released and is called rumrunner. Please note this method will install stock unsecure kernel (by stock we mean Sense based kernel) so if you are on a custom rom it will result in a […]

Android 4.3 With Sense 5 Leaks for AT&T HTC One

Android 4.3 for the AT&T HTC One has been leaked, and yes it’s still Sense 5. The full RUU is available for download but please note running the full RUU will update the hboot version to 1.55.0000 and will prevent s-off via moonshine or revone. In case you want s-off use the clockworkmod flashable zip […]