Weekly News Recap

Busy week? Don’t worry, same here. To save us all some time, here are the big stories from the past week. Read quickly, then enjoy the rest of the day with your family, or just watch some TV, your choice. Unlocked and Developer Edition HTC One M8 Receives Update Finally! If you purchased an unlocked or […]

Google Play “What’s New” Description for Alpha and Beta Apps Added

Finally, Google has made it possible for developers to give separate user change-logs for public, alpha and beta releases in the Google Play Store. It has been something nagging users for quite sometime, and even though it isn’t an astronomical change, it’s a welcome addition none the less. Previously, developers had to either make incredibly […]

Google Chromecast seems to be consistently in stock at Google Play

Chromecast in stock at Google Play. Ships in 1-2 days. This is hardly ground breaking news, but good news nevertheless. Google Play has the Chromecast back in stock and ready to ship to ya in 1-2 days. Hopefully the “out of stock” days are a thing of the past for the Chromecast (lol). If your […]

Google Play Store downloads exceeds iOS App Store by 10% in Q2 2013

    A report by App Annie Blog, who collects & reviews download and revenue data of various App Stores across countries and various other categories reveals that total app downloads in Q2 2013 from Google’s Android Play Store were 10% higher than those from Apple’s iOS App Store. Though Google Play excels in total app […]


App Review – The NEW WeatherBug for Android

WeatherBug by Earth Networks is one of the best weather apps, free or paid, available on Google Play. WeatherBug has been updated to version 3.0 bringing a new slide-side navigation, live customizable tiles and lots of extra features such as their Spark lightning alerts and selectable background themes. You can download the ad supported WeatherBug […]

Google Play coming to the Nook HD and Nook HD+

  Barnes and Noble Nook HD and Nook HD+ getting Google Play and Google Apps in upcoming update One of my all time favorite devices is the Original Nook Color.  The development for that device was unreal (still going strong), and one of the fun things to do to that device was getting Gapps (Google […]

Facebook Home has gone international

Facebook Home available internationally today If you had one of the supported devices (or unsupported) in the U.S. and were unlucky enough to take it for a spin on your device – well now the rest of the world has the pleasure of putting that mess Facebook Home on their devices (can ya tell I’m […]