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HTC First $0.99 on AT&T

The Facebook phone, AT&T HTC First just dropped to $0.99 on contract. You either need to sign a new contract or if you are eligible for an upgrade. The HTC First is no bummer of a device but never got popularity which HTC and Facebook expected it to get. If you turn off Facebook Home […]

Deal Alert! AT&T’s HTC First ‘Facebook Phone’ 99 cents on contract

The HTC First or other wise known as the ‘Facebook Phone’ for under a buck with a new  AT&T 2 year  contract. If you have an upgrade available, have a buck in your pocket and the HTC First is your cup of tea (See Megan’s thoughts on Facebook Home) then head on over to AT&T […]

Follow Android Fan Network on your favorite social media sites

Follow Android Fan Network on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Youtube Welcome to Android Fan Network folks!  We’re a fairly new Android news site but we’re here to stay and we’re here to make BIG waves.  We’ve recently fired up on our favorite social media sites and welcome all of you to follow us to get […]

David Quillinan’s Wife’s review of Facebook Home thingy…after a couple of cocktails……TOO

  Okay – so let’s put this in perspective – this is my first time writing about anything even remotely technological….I am Chef Dave’s Wife — I am a mother of four working full time and then some…….and every night my brilliant husband talks about his passion for all things Android (notice I didn’t say […]

Install Facebook Home on Unsupported Devices

The excitement over the announcement of Facebook Home was slightly dampened by the short list of supported devices. Currently, only those with a Galaxy S3, HTC One X, HTC One X+, or Note II can enjoy Facebook’s latest venture. Technically. Facebook addicts rejoice!  This is Android, there is always a workaround!   If you are rooted: For those who […]

Facebook Home

Facebook Home now available for download from the Play Store.

Facebook home is now available for download in the U.S. If you’ve been itching to take Facebook Home for a spin you’re in luck.  It just hit the Google Play store minutes ago and ready to be your daily launcher if that’s your thing. As of now its only available for the Samsung Galaxy S […]