AT&T LG Optimus G Pro Bootloader Hacked

What I hate most is when carriers (yes AT&T and Verizon am pointing at you) lock down bootloaders, but what I love most is when developers say “Up Yours” by hacking into them. AT&T LG Optimus G Pro is another example, the bootloader was locked by AT&T but enter djrbliss aka Dan and the bootloader […]

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 bootloader hacked

Bootloader Hack for Verizon & AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Released

When AT&T locked the bootloader on their version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 there was an outrage over the internet, but enter djrbliss and the bootloader was hacked, the exploit though was not released immediately because Verizon was yet to ship their version of the Samsung Galaxy S4. As soon as the Verizon Galaxy S4 […]

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 bootloader hacked

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 Bootloader Hacked

The AT&T Galaxy S4 Bootloader has been hacked, yes boys & girls, nerds & fanboys, you read it right, the bootloader on the AT&T Samsung bootloader has been hacked!. Dan Rosenberg aka @djrbliss just tweeted the above picture, it says “Samsung Galaxy S4 bootloader hacked by Dan Rosenberg (djrbliss).”. Even though we have no confirmation […]

galaxy s4 root

Root Comes to Qualcomm based Samsung Galaxy S4

  djrbliss is at it again, the recent root exploit published by him called Motochopper for Motorola devices is working on Qualcomm based versions of Galaxy S4. This means it should work on all versions of Samsung Galaxy S4 released by US Carriers. Instructions:- Extract the entire contents of the zip file. If you are […]

Motorola root

Root Comes to Droid Bionic and Original Razr (XT910) on JellyBean

Droid Bionic and Motorola Razr XT910 users on Jellybean can now root there phones. The root tool is called MotoShare 2. The guy to thank is djrbliss again, you need a 32bit Linux machine to run the exploit (a live cd will also work). It is and will not be possible to run the exploit […]