Check out “Android Fan Network” Come visit us on our official Android Fan Network app for Android. Our very own Frank just created a fun way to keep up with our news, YouTube videos, CellTraderOnline forums, our Twitter feed, Facebook and much more. Frank has just scratched the surface with this app folks!  There’s much more to come so […]

Come see us at our home away from home at CellTraderOnline

Don’t let the name fool you. Although CellTraderOnline is a place where the most current and up to date cell phones, tablets and laptops are sold, bought and traded. These guys do have all the newest gadgets for sale and trade. Looking for a Note 3 or an LG G2?  CTO’s got you covered. The […]

Hold that New Nexus 7 in landscape

Holding the New Nexus 7 in portrait and landscape Bezels in portrait can be a little thin at times So you got the New Nexus 7 or have one coming any day now?  Let me fill you in on my thoughts of the new shape factor with the 2013 Nexus 7. Google claims the 2013 […]

App review – Motion Detector Pro

Free motion detector app for the paranoid Ever wonder what’s doing when you’re not at home or work?  Motion Detector Pro is a free app in the Play Store that will keep you well informed of what’s going on while you’re gone. Motion Detector Pro does just what it’s supposed to do. It uses the […]

Trade Your Phone, Tablet or Laptop at Cell Trader Online

Have an Android phone, iPhone or Tablet laying around but you’re really craving another device or gadget? Cell Trader Online is the best place to be if you’re in a predicament like the one I stated above!  There are a few online trading sites but I say Cell Trader Online is the best because of a these reasons. –  It’s a […]