Google Search App Adds Camera Quick Launch




Google Search for Android received a minor update, adding a new feature for fast camera access. Users will now be able to open the camera app with a launch phrase, “OK, Google” and “take a photo” or “take a video.” This opens the camera in the desired mode. Prior to this, you could use “open the camera app,” launching into the last used mode.

In theory, this sounds great, and is billed as faster access to the camera app, but in practice, you still have to have the screen on and is not any faster than just opening the camera app yourself. This is especially true on the Moto X, where a quick flick of the wrist will open the camera or the Z1 where there is a dedicated camera button. Either of those are much faster than picking saying “OK Google.”

So did Google intend this be for devices with always on listening, Android Wear, or is it change for the sake of change? What do you think this update is really about? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Google

Image Credits: Google

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