Google Now Ready for Sochi Winter Olympics


The Google Now app received an update recently that adds a bunch of new commands and Sochi Winter Olympics cards.

The new commands bring better, intelligent, and contextually aware features such as calling and messaging using commands like “call my mother”, etc (if you have someone designated as your mother). The app will ask for confirmation of the contact name and number in the case of multiple contact entries that are similar or multiple numbers under the same name.

Also added is the support of a few more languages to set reminders using Google Now commands. The new languages are French, Japanese, Korean, and German. Google has also enabled hot-word detection for UK and Canadian English.

The new Olympic cards provide quick access to news and current standings. It also gives us a list of the next few events and their start times. The update is now live and available in the Play store, head over and enjoy the new features.

Source: Android Authority

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