Google Adds Nest Labs to its Growing Portfolio

nest thermostat

I’ve been impressed with my Nest Thermostat since the day I bought it. Apparently, Google felt the same way, as they’ve up and purchased the entire company. Nest Labs, makers of the cool Nest Learning Thermostats and Protect Smoke Detectors, was bought by Google today for $3.2 billion. Google tells us through a press release that Nest Labs will continue to operate independently of Google. The plan is for co-founder Matt Rogers to join the Google team, while the rest of the Nest Labs team retains their respective positions.

Even though the regulatory review process is still pending, Google maintains that they believe the sale will close in the coming months. This news of a buyout does not come as a particular surprise to us, since Google invested several million dollars into Nest Labs as part of Google Ventures.

Nest products will continue to be sold at all available retail locations, though there’s one question on everyone’s mind. Will Apple continue to offer Nest products in their stores, now that ownership has changed hands? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments.

Source: Google and Nest via The Verge

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