Google Updates Keyboard With Blue and White Color Options


Screen shot of blue and white settings

Google Updates Keyboard With Blue and White Color Options

My personal favorite keyboard for my Android devices is the official Google Keyboard. It has swipe, it’s very simple to use and configure, and it’s the keyboard I’ve been using for years (whether it was available on Google Play or not). My favorite just got a little better, Google updated their official Keyboard in the Google Play Store.

The update now allows you to switch the keyboard highlights and word predictions to either white or blue. Another little tweak added is the new keyboard sound when you hit the keys and space bar. If you’ve had the pleasure to listen to the sound a KitKat device makes when you turn the screen off and unlock the screen, you’ll notice it sounds like a door opening and closing (at least it does to me).

When you press the character keys, they now make the opening sound and a tap of the space bar makes the closing sound. Like I said, that’s what it sounds like to me. It may sound like knocking or something completely different to you.

If you haven’t grabbed the update or haven’t tried Googles keyboard, hit the link below.

Get it on Google Play

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