One-Click Factory Reset Tool For Your Nexus 7 2013


Did you step in to a pile of stuff with your Nexus 7 and just want everything back like it was before you hit flash zip? Luckily for us, this is a Nexus device and Google makes it easy for us hackers that try to push that Nexus 7 to the limits get it back to square one. This is also for you if you’re getting your Nexus 7 ready to sell or trade at and just looking for a quick way to get your Nexus 7 back to factory settings. Either way, ATGAdmin over at XDA, has made a tool that can take that paperweight of yours back to a fully functional, “out of the box” Nexus 7.

ATGAdmin has some pretty simple directions over at XDA for this tool. To work its magic, your Nexus 7 is going to need an unlocked bootloader (I imagine it is if you’re reading this), drivers installed, USB debugging enabled, the tool downloaded and extracted, and your device plugged in to your PC in fastboot mode. If you’re able to achieve the above you’re on your way to an “out of the box” Nexus 7. He also has a “DeadNexus7.bat” file for those of us that may have really stepped in it and the Nexus 7 won’t boot at all. There are options for both the WiFi and LTE Nexus 7’s so be sure to choose the correct model.

This really is part of the beauty of owning a Nexus device. Google and developer’s like ATGAdmin have made it pretty fool-proof for some of us hackers that may get a little too carried away or for some of us that need a quick out of the box Nexus 7.

If you have gotten yourself in a bind with your Nexus 7, take a chill pill and hop on over to XDA and check out ATGAdmin’s thread. Follow his directions to a “T” and it will be smooth sailing on your way to a unbricked Nexus 7.

Source: AGTAdmin’s thread at XDA

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