Cyber Monday: Tylt Wireless Qi Charger $35 with free shipping



This is the Cyber Monday deal that went south due to overwhelming demand but you can still get in on it.

Tylt offered a 50% off site-wide with the discount code 50off_ty!t for Cyber Monday but the site’s e-commerce system did some goofy things due to the stress from demand today. Case in point, my single VÜ charger order got switched from a single red charger (the beauty below), when I entered my payment information, over to a $590 mixed order of blue and black VÜ’s by the time the confirmation e-mail hit my inbox.

At this point, Tylt is letting everyone that missed out today get a second chance on the deal. You can go to their Monday Overload webpage to enter your information and they will honor the promotion for you at a later date: this is presumably by sending a new discount code and (wild guess) not to everyone all at once.

The Tylt VÜ charger is a slick looking Qi compatible desktop charger that sets your device at a 45° viewing angle and comes in black, blue, green or red.  Technical details and a list of compatible devices are on the Tylt website.



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