S-off for HTC One Max in the works


S-off for HTC One Max in the works

beaups, recognized developer at XDA, famous for rumrunner,moonshine and facepalm s-off methods for various HTC devices has started porting his rumrunner s-off method to HTC One Max.  HTC One and One Max share same internals ( SoC ) and porting rumrunner s-off method should be successful.  beaups has already got all the information needed like storage partition mapping etc to start working on this port.

Unlocking the bootloader will break fingerprint scanner functionality on HTC One Max. Relocking the bootloader won’t even fix that. Let’s hope we get s-off and a workaround for this issue on HTC One Max soon.

Stay tuned to AndroidFanNetwork , We’ll update you as soon as s-off gets released for HTC One Max.

Source : HTC One Max   Image Credit : GSMArena


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