A fun video app for Halloween – FXGuru

Video editors are always fun to play with this time of year. Having a dancing skeleton perfectly placed in your videos makes you look like a video editing genious. FXGuru can make you look like a Steven Spielberg of fun Halloween videos. BTW…  FXGuru has over a million downloads so I’m hardly sharing anything new, but rather an app I have fun with this time of year.

FXGuru is a free video editing app that does all of the leg work for your short fun movies. They offer a few free videos to get you up and running and ready to make a fun family Halloween video. The dancing skeleton video defect is free for Halloween (And who doesn’t love free?).  FXGuru also has quite a list of in app purchases available for video affects. Once you’ve made your spooky – fun video share it to YouTube, Facebook or your other favorite social media outlets.

Have fun this Halloween and stay safe. While your out grabbing some trick or treats make a fun video clip with FXGuru.

Google Play link for FXGuru

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