RumRunner : S-off for HTC One on 1.54 hboot Released


A few days ago we reported that HTC One on hboot 1.54 had been s-off’ed. Well the s-off has now been released and is called rumrunner. Please note this method will install stock unsecure kernel (by stock we mean Sense based kernel) so if you are on a custom rom it will result in a bootloop.

It has been reported working on below firmware versions:-


  • 2.24.401.1
  • 1.29.707.4
  • 2.24.401.8
  • 2.24.401.9
  • 2.24.709.1

CDMA (Verizon HTC One)

  • 1.10.605.2
  • 1.10.605.8
  • 1.10.605.10

For more details, s-off instructions and download links head over to In case you need any help you can post here.


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