SafeStrap ROMs Available for Locked Verizon Galaxy S4 (VRUAME7)


A few weeks we reported that Safestrap recovery is now available for Verizon Galaxy S4 with locked bootloaders, well we now have a multitude of safestrap compatible roms available for the Verizon Galaxy S4.

Installation of Safestrap is as easy as installing an apk, just do not install it on an encrypted system and you must be rooted.

  • Download the Safestrap APK from here.
  • Find the APK using a Filemanager tool and open it on your device, then click “Install”.
  • Once installed, open up the Safestrap application as you would any other app and agree to the disclaimer.
  • Then use the “Install Recovery” button. You should see the current version down in the lower left corner of the window. And the “Status:” should say “Installed” when you’re done.
  • From there you can reboot and you *should* see a new splash screen during the boot up. While this is showing you can enter Safestrap Recovery using the [ menu ] button.

Below is a list of currently compatible roms:-

  2. HYPERDRIVE….php?t=2301724
  3. ECLIPSE…-%288-15-13%29
  4. ECLIPSE GE….php?t=2363813
  5. JELLY BEANS BUILD 6….php?t=2307357
  6. BONESTOCK….php?t=2384362
  7. SYNERGY ROM….php?t=2319177
  8. CLEANROM….php?t=2305781

Installation of roms is the normal flash from recovery except that you need to install hashcode’s patch  after installing the rom from recovery and then reboot.




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