Newkia to Bring What You Always Wanted, Nokia Running Android


No we ain’t talking about a rival to the car manufacturer Kia, we are talking about Newkia, a company founded by Thomas Zilliacus. Newkia was formed after Nokia was acquired by Microsoft. Thomas has worked for 15 years at Nokia and was Nokia’s Asia Pacific CEO for 7 years. Thomas also tried to buy Nokia a year ago but was not successful.

The aim of Newkia is to use the Nokia know how and design phones running Android. When Nokia entered a partnership with Microsoft in February 2011 everyone knew it was a wrong call, but it is what it is. Nokia decided against Android and suffered massively. Now that we have Newkia we can hope to have what we have wanted for years, a Nokia phone running Android. Thomas already has some ex-Nokia employees on board and is looking to hire more peeps who are interested in working on Android.

Newkia plans to launch it’s first Android phone in the second half of 2014 if everything goes as per plans. Personally, I would buy a Nokia phone running Android anyday. I even had a Nokia N9 running Android (thanks to nitdroid) and loved it. Would you buy Nokia phone running Android? Let us know via comments below.



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