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Project CATFON

Android Fan Network (AFN) is excited to announce Project CATFON and that we are teaming up with (CTO) to bring our readers the complete Android Fan internet experience.


Android Fan Network strives to bring great news, device and app reviews and cool giveaways for our readers but we do not have a home for our readers to interact as a community and share their own news and opinions with each other. CTO has a great community of Android Fans (and one of the best run forum marketplaces to boot) but does not have a source of news, device and app reviews or giveaways for their community.

Project CATFON changes this. is a vibrant, members only, device forum and marketplace that provides a safe place for online trading, buying and selling of cell phones, tablets and laptops. What makes CTO unique in the mobile industry is the close community of Android Fans just like you – mobile tech writers, developers and average Joe’s who want to try out the latest devices we are writing about here at AFN.

As part of this exciting new partnership, Team AFN contributors will be posting news and device and accessory reviews in the CTO forums. AFN readers are encouraged to join us at CTO and post comments in the Industry News section where you will find posts from both AFN and CTO members. For a bit of fun, you can also head over to The Water Cooler to introduce yourselves and interact with CTO Members and Team AFN Editors.

In addition to being a great platform to talk about the latest devices and news with other Android Fans, is also one of the best managed, forum based, marketplaces on the internet. Want to try a new phone but don’t have another $600 for the latest device? Read an AFN review and want to trade in that iPad Mini for a Nexus 7? With members from around the world, the CTO Marketplace is where to make it happen!

One of the first changes has already taken place – CTO members can contribute their own posts right here on AFN. If you have an article that you want to share, we invite you to contact Team AFN either here or by PM at CTO. Look for the user tag “CATFON” to find the Team AFN Editors on CTO.

Here on AFN, you will also notice that our desktop and mobile site menus now contains direct links for the combined forum and CTO Marketplace. This allows our readers to easily jump right from the latest news here at AFN to our forums so they can see what other Android Fans are saying.

For readers following Team AFN on our Facebook or Twitter accounts, you will see that we have started sharing new Marketplace threads from CTO in order to bring you great deals on pre-loved smartphones, tablets and laptops. This will make it easy for to keep an eye open for any device you are looking to buy or trade another device for. For CTO members joining us, we hope you find the combined feed a great way to stay on top of what is happening in the mobile industry and invite you to let us know if there is something you want to read about by using the “Tip Us” link in the menu or PM at CTO.

There will be more changes to come and we are all very excited about what CTO and AFN will be able to bring to the table for you in the weeks and months to come. Meanwhile, to celebrate this exciting new venture, we are giving away a Nexus 7 FHD, Google Chromecast and Nokia DT-900. See the contest thread for details on how to enter. We will have even more cases and other accessories to come so stay tuned!

This is an exciting time for us all. On behalf of Team CATFON we look forward to bringing you the very best mobile news, discussion forum and marketplace we can!

Kevin Krueger

About Kevin Krueger

Self-proclaimed "know-it-none," I prefer HTC hardware with AOSP ROM's. When not writing about technology or shooting YouTube videos, I like to tinker with motorcycles and R/C cars.

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