Leak:Moto X Camera Apk


Moto X leaks are not stopping, the camera.apk file from the Moto X has been leaked in the wild. Just download and install as a regular apk.

What works

  • Single shots & Burst Shots
  • Video recording
  • Front-facing camera toggle
  • Swipe to open settings
  • Swipe to open gallery
  • Touch to focus
  • Flash mode toggle
  • Shutter sound toggle
  • Geo-tag toggle

What doesn’t work

  • Double-flick wrist gesture to launch the camera
  • Panorama mode
  • HDR mode if disabled┬á cannot be enabled
  • Slow-motion mode if disabled cannot be enabled

Download Moto X Camera Apk from Mega



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Munchy is a Cobol Programmer by profession, Android diehard by choice. When he is not thinking about Android he loves to take his Mustang out for a drive to no where.

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