First flashable 4.2.2 ROM for the Samsung Glaxy Note 8.0 should be published today on XDA

Get your current ROM backed up and get ready for some 4.2.2 Goodness on your Galaxy Note 8.0.

I’m going to be perfectly honest with you. I’ve owned the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 since April (I think the release date) and rooted it the second I got home with the Framaroot one click root app, skipped the past OTA updates and never put a custom recovery on this bad boy, because it is that much of a kick ass device out of the box with Android version 4.1.2.

That is until today when Civato, recognized contributor at XDA, posted he’ll have a flashable zip for the 4.2.2 leak for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0.  Now Civato claims in his OP of his threads that he’s not a developer and only does this Android stuff as a hobby, fun and to share his setup with other users. I beg to differ with you Civato. You’re a hell of a developer!  I’ve been using your work since the Acer A500 and in my opinion you’re more than a contributor. He has quite the body of work over at XDA. Edit- Civato no longer puts that in his OP’s


Anyhoo…  Civato should have a flashable zip for the 4.2.2 leak sometime today that should work nicely for a base for other developers or a stock Android version 4.2.2 ROM experience for crack flashers.  As soon as he posts the ROM, we’ll post the link.

For those of you new to this rooting and flashing game, be sure to read, read and READ some more before you dive in. These are expensive toys we’re tinkering with.

I’m bringing this article to an end to find a way to get a custom recovery on my Precious. Stay tuned for a full review and “how to” for this ROM.

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