Happy 4th from all of us here at AFN


Happy 4th to all of you Android nuts out there.

What’s the most important component to a smart phone or tablet?  Your fingers (god I’m funny).  Have fun today folks!  Drink lots of beer (if your 21 of course), eat lots of BBQ, watch the sky light up tonight, but most of all, stay safe. When you go to light the M-80 today, look around, see who’s holding an iPhone and let them light that dam thing off. We at Android Fan Network need our readers to keep as many digits on their hands as possible. IPhone users don’t need fingers!  They don’t have widgetes, or lock screen widgets or app drawers. They have a screen with app icons. They can use their nose to swipe through screens. We need our fingers for scrollable widgets.

All kidding aside. Everyone play hard and have fun today (even you iPhone owners :rollseyes:). When you go to hop behind the wheel today be sure you’re the sober one or the one that doesn’t text and drive trollolol.

Happy Birthday America!

We’ll be chosing 4 winners tomorrow for this Montar Car Mount

We’ll also be picking a winner for this Poetic Galaxy Note 8 case next week

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