Google working on Android Gaming Console & Smartwatch


The little green guy is expanding it’s wings, if reports are to be believed then Google is working on an Android gaming console & a smartwatch. Woot woot is all I can say, an Android gaming console and a smartwatch to sync my Android phone with, oh boy. It’s a dream come true.

When I had my Metawatch I was really impressed and life was so easy, phone calls displayed on the watched and no need to take the device out the pocket to see whose calling, it was a blessing. But an Android smartwatch developed by Google will be awesome. As per reports one of these new devices from Google will be launched this fall.

It seems like Google is looking to build an Android Eco-system around you and trust me it will make life better if you are technology dependent like me.



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Munchy is a Cobol Programmer by profession, Android diehard by choice. When he is not thinking about Android he loves to take his Mustang out for a drive to no where.

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