Galaxy S4 SPIGEN Leather Slim Wallet Case Review


Up until a few days ago, I had never owned or used a wallet style case on my phone. Although the design was intriguing, I never made the jump from my usual TPU or hard shell case. SPIGEN recently sent us their genuine leather Slim Wallet Case to review. I must say I am quite taken with it. The premium leather feels great in the hand, and the soft interior is a nice touch. The design is solid, and the hard shell that the phone snaps into should protect it from most drops and bumps. A slot for a credit card or ID is perfect for those who want to travel light. It also turns into a kickstand if you flip it around. At $39.99, it is somewhat expensive, but the premium materials mostly justify the cost. If you pick this case up on SPIGEN’s website, you are also eligible to get 50% off a screen protector.


 SPIGEN Leather Slim Wallet For The Galaxy S4

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