Moto BL Unclocked

Djrbliss Posts Details of Motorola’s BootLoader Unlock Exploit


It is a wootful (yes I just came up with that word :P) day for Motorola owners. A one click tool to unlock bootloaders on Motorola devices has been released.

Moto BL Unclocked

Dan Rosenberg aka djrbliss has gone ahead and revealed it all, in a very detailed post he has given a complete rundown on how bootloader unlocking works and also what part of the code he has exploited to achieve what he has. In case the nerd inside you wants to know how it was done you can read the full content here. We are pretty sure Motorola will block the exploit with an update so if you want to unlock the bootloader do so at the earliest and do not take any OTA updates on your devices.



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